Mrr meow guys! Can we have your meowtention, please? Are you the fans of the best indie game existing? There’s no need for its introduction. If you have been fishing on your PC or Android device for recent years, then you probably know what game we are talking about.

Being hardcore indie games fans, we can’t resist the attraction of Cat Goes Fishing. This title is so universal that it easily wins the hearts of different kind of players. Make sure in it by the example of our team: we are all so different but connected by devotion to this game. So meet the most dedicated team of Cat Goes Fishing players.

Mike, web-developer, indie games fan, 28 y.o.
I like playing indie games. They are so rare and unique comparing to the loud titles promoted at every corner. When I first started playing Cat Goes Fishing, it was a heavy rain outside which caused the overall mood and disgust to life. I decided to entertain a bit and downloaded the game which seemed to occupy me for an evening. How big was my surprise, when I couldn’t drop it even in three weeks! So engaging it was! My mood definitely became better, and now I play Cat Goes Fishing every time I want to brighten the dark days of my life. And you know what? It really works!

Angela, web-designer, student, 20 y.o.
For me, Car Goes Fishing was the real discovery regarding graphics. How could something so simple and minimalistic in terms of visuals hold the player’s attention for hours and more? I played this game to understand the secret and didn’t notice when the moment of my total affection came. As a designer, I have borrowed some visual methods from the game. As a player, I achieved so much pleasure and fun so that I recommend Cat Goes Fishing to all my friends when they ask me about outstanding games. 
Alex, QA expert, cat-lover, never-was-a-fisher, 32 y.o. 
Cat Goes Fishing is the game to relax after a tough working day. It helps to reduce stress, to calm down your mind, and to reflect on some essential philosophic issues. For me, this game holds a strong therapeutic effect. As well as on my cat Ginger. We prefer playing Cat Goes Fishing together: Ginger sits nearby and gives me her meow recommendations from time to time.

All together we are the fan team of Cat Goes Fishing. Want to join us, get all the recent information about the game? Keep updated to our news, and you’ll be the first to know about Cat Goes Fishing updates. We support all the game fans and help them if any troublesome situations with Cat Goes Fishing occur. So become the part of our cat-loving community and continue enjoying the best indie game. Meow!