Mrr meow guys! Can we have your meowtention, please? We want to take a bit of your time for introducing you the title perfect in all terms. Have you heard anything about Cat Goes Fishing game? 

This video game is meant to capture the hearts and minds of indie hardcore fans. If you are one of them, craving for the most unusual and original titles in your collection, you’ve played Cat Goes Fishing for sure. And if you still haven’t, this is just our wrongdoing. We need to fix it immediately by providing you with the whole bunch of the game information. When you will know all the details and see the game with your own eyes, there will be no more doubts about playing it!

Cat Goes Fishing was released more than three years ago but still holds the big gamers rating. It is regularly replenished with the new content and grips its dedicated devotee with novelties. So what’s the secret of game success?

First of all, we love Cat Goes Fishing for its purity. The clear idea is placed in the bottom of the game. The plot is not cluttered with any excesses. The Cat goes fishing and catches the fish to be sold. Is there a necessity to add something more than that? We don’t think so. 

The second thing to enjoy is the game mechanics. This fishing simulator requires no more than throwing the bait on the rod into the water. Catching the fish of various sizes and types brings you different progress and money as well.  The mechanics are straightforward, yet appealing. You will find yourself merely meditating on this calming process. Though you need to earn, the game doesn’t turn into a race. Cat Goes Fishing keeps its quiet spirit and charges the players with it.  

We also fall in love with the Cat Goes Fishing graphics. They are light-hearted and exceptionally-designed. Starting from the main character to the tiniest fish in the pond, every detail is cartoonish and bright. We definitely love the depiction of the natural environment in the game.

So are you ready to catch some fish? Meditate on the seashore? Make money on fish sales? Then Cat Goes Fishing awaits!

Why we want you to play Cat Goes Fishing so much? Because we are devoted fans of this game and we wish to extend the Cat Goes Fishing gaming community. We want you to enjoy the catlike experience the same as we do. And we do it sincerely and heartily. 

There is only one drawback we could find: Cat Goes Fishing for Mac, Cat Goes Fishing for 3DS, Cat Goes Fishing APK are not existing. So you can play the game on the Windows PC and get it directly from Steam. You can also download Cat Goes Fishing for Android and make your virtual fishing on the go. 

Have fun with the fishing and come to our site to discover the game news and updates. Meow!