The hardest achievements in Cat Goes Fishing

As you know there are 53 different achievements for Cat Goes Fishing game in Steam. Some of them are very easy to complete, but few are very hard to get. Here we collected the hardest achievements in Cat Goes Fishing game. 

Bagu Achievement

Bagu is a pretty big and strong fish that lives near to reefs. To get this achievement you must catch it in Realism mode. More than 10% of players got this achievement, but it's really hard to catch it.

Master of the Maw

Like the previous achievement, your goal is to catch some special fish in Realism Mode. Maw is one of the biggest fishes in the game. But' if you cat it you'll also get $50,000 as a money reward. Look at the video and find out how to catch it.

Disturbing the Peace

The hardest achievement where the player must catch special fish. Only 3% of players reached this goal. To get "Disturbing the Peace" you must catch a Bonefish in Realism Mode. It's really hard and for most players, it's like impossible. If you ready to get this achievement than watch video above about how to catch Bonefish in Cat Goes Fishing.

Hardcore Quester & Master Quester

The two hardest achievements in the game. To complete "Hardcore Quester" you must complete 50 different quests in the game. The easiest way is to complete about 35 quests in Classic Mode and 15 quests in Realism Mode. The Master Quester achievement is way harder to get. You must complete 100 different quests in Cat Goes Fishing game. So you need to complete all 50 quests in Classic Mode and all 50 quests in Realism Mode. But if you complete them all you'll be in 1% players who made it.