Cat Goes Fishing

  • Developer: Cat5Games
  • Genre: Casual, Indie, Simulation, Sports, Individual, Nature, Fishing
  • Version: 1.0.61
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Official information

Release Date 20 Jan, 2015
Developer Cat5Games
Publisher Steam
Genre Casual, Indie, Simulation, Sports, Individual, Nature, Fishing
Language English
System Windows PC Under development: Android, iOS, Mac, Linux, Playstation 4, PS3, Xbox 360, Nintendo Switch
Version 1.0.61


Cat Goes Fishing Review

When a cat provides its own food and stays slim, it’s an independent cat. When a gaming studio makes a game about a fishing cat, only 15 MB in size, it’s an independent studio. The large success of this arcade is still going on.
Make sure you won’t have any deadlines the week you decide to download Cat Goes Fishing. The game is highly addictive, so you may become as unavailable as it were you on an island far away with one rod and sea full of fish.
Minimalistic in design and engine, it represents the best features of indie games. Limited in budget and capacities, they bet on the idea and fill the game with noticeable features, and sometimes this bet wins, like it is with CGF. It’s a big catch for Cat 5 Games, and probably big fun for you.

Use More Than Claws, Cat!

It’s exactly what it says in the tin: your character is a fishing cat on a lonely island, with a simple rod. Well, it’s a very strong-willed cat: instead of eating this fish the animal sells it, and we wish we could sell fish for these suns in real life. But there’s nothing else to purchase but upgrades to the cat’s inventory.
Of course, the game is mostly about the fishing. As you cast the bait, you can see it under the water and see fish reacting to it. The developers cared to give all the species their unique manners and behavior, not only appearance and size.

When the bait is in the water, you have some control over it. You can drag it to avoid too small fish eating it, or let it float to get closer to the bigger fish. The basic bait is free, but it’s too small for big species, so they can swallow it and get off the hook. You need larger pieces to get them. But luckily you can drop the fish you just caught back into water and use it as a bigger bait.

Numerous upgrades finally turn your rod into a kind of fishing Wunderwaffe. Especially if you didn’t settle down on Power Rod and went on. You can also purchase bombs to chase away pesky fish or rockets to drop the bait further. But what you really need to catch big fish is a boat. The further you sail, the more interesting species you may find and catch.

Finally, there’s a fish catalog, so you can learn about any new kind you have caught. Reading it is a special kind of fun, though too short. But watching fish swimming, hunting and even cannibalizing their former brothers once they’re on the hook is even more fun.

You can just go out fishing and upgrading, as a meditation, or chase the quests to get new ones. That makes replay value of the game almost infinite, because one hardly gets tired of having rest.

And yes, there is something you’ll appreciate the most: baseball hats. Hats are for cats, right? Maybe, your real furry one would disagree with all its teeth and claws, but this one will gladly wear it, and no wonder! Not only does the hat make the cat look cuter; it only brings additional bonuses, like two quests simultaneously or making some kind of fish more expensive at the market.

Looks like 1990s

Don’t expect any miracles: Cat Goes Fishing for PC only requires 30 MB on your drive, so there won’t be any super-duper details. Android version is about the same size. So it’s all 2D and rather schematic.
But the designers did their best to make the game as beautiful as size allows. The cat is really pretty, though your attention is usually focused somewhere else. The store shows all the upgrades clear, and they are visible when applied. Rockets and bombs is the only thing the game seems too schematic even within its own rules, but if you want realistic bombs and rockets, that’s definitely not the game you’re looking for.

But the real eye-candy is the sea full of fishes. The designers cared enough to make species distinguishable by appearance, size, and behavior. The smaller kinds swim high and they are easy to see. To catch something bigger, you need to throw your bait further and lower, and take care it’s not eaten by some small thief.

Controllable with Paws!

The mechanical part of this game is extremely easy. No wonder it works well on both desktop and mobile devices. Tap or click to cast your bait into the water. Tap and hold to drag it out. Tap buttons to sell fish or buy upgrades.
Though PC and touchscreen devices offer the different type of controls, switching from one to another goes seamlessly. Yet there is no syncing between your devices, so you play two separate games, and you progress on one device cannot be synced to another. We hope someday one can sync Cat Goes Fishing for Android and for Windows, but not today.

Now the game is available for two platforms only: Android and Windows. PC version is available in Steam or multiple outer sites. Alas, Cat Goes Fishing for Mac hasn’t been even announced, as for 2018.
Luckily Cat Goes Fishing APK files are available outside Google Play or other app stores, so you’ll need to download the .APK and allow installing apps not from Play Market.

The game doesn’t require anything special. In fact, it’s much less demandable than most today’s games or apps, due to its simple graphics and controls. The game will run easily even on old PCs, smartphones or tablets. It only requires Windows XP and 256 MB RAM – imagine that! What for Android, it’s said to be compatible with even 2.3.3 version! We had to use emulator to check it (and yes, it works), because we didn’t have such ancient phones at our disposal.

Tips to Fish Faster

  1. Easy and cheap fish are easier to catch, but it will take long to earn on them. It’s only good in the very beginning.
  2. It irritates when small fish steals your medium or large bait. But you can easily purchase a Bait Guard, so only large fish can swallow it.
  3. Buy your first boat as fast as you can. It changes the overall experience and efficiency of fishing.
  4. Don’t hurry too much; this game is for meditating and enjoying!
  5. Watch for updates. The developers add new species often, and it’s fun.

Сat goes fishing FAQ

Q1. How do I download Cat Goes Fishing for 3ds?
A1. No way. The game is only available for Android and Windows.
Q2. How do I play it on Mac?
A2. You’ll need a virtual machine to run Windows within your Mac OS X. It’s not as complicated as it seems.
Q3. Is there an online version?
A3. Nope. There are online games with similar names, but they have nothing in common when it comes to gameplay.
Q4. Will my PC or Android device run it?
A4.Haven’t seen them, but for sure they will!



Cat Goes Fishing is probably the best indie game of our days. It is so meditative and atmospheric that you will definitely love to spend your free time fishing.


  • The game is available only for Windows and Android


  • Simple, yet addictive gameplay
  • Lots of fun content, for example, the fish catalog
  • The cutest main character ever
  • Straightforward mechanics