Cat Goes Fishing

  • Developer: Cat5Games
  • Genre: Casual, Indie, Simulation, Sports, Individual, Nature, Fishing
  • Version: 1.0.61
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Official information

Release Date 20 Jan, 2015
Developer Cat5Games
Publisher Steam
Genre Casual, Indie, Simulation, Sports, Individual, Nature, Fishing
Language English
System Windows PC Under development: Android, iOS, Mac, Linux, Playstation 4, PS3, Xbox 360, Nintendo Switch
Version 1.0.61


Cat Goes Fishing Review

How can fishing on a desert island become a highly-addictive activity? Easily if it is the indie game about the cat, who acts like a fisher. Cat Goes Fishing arcade is on the top of success still. How could this 15 MB game from the independent studio Cat5Games win hearts of so many players? Let’s try to find out in our Cat Goes Fishing Review.   

In this game, you will get a fishing cat with a rod, a pond full of fish, and a lot of time to meditate by the water. The main character is a strong-willed cat. He doesn’t eat his catch but sells it to earn money. Thus our character gets an opportunity to buy fishing gear and upgrade his skills. 

Cat Goes Fishing gameplay: fishing rod and water pond — the perfect set for meditation

In its core, the game is entirely about fishing. Your cat is sitting by the water and casts the bait, so you can see what kind of fish reacts to it. There are indeed so many species with their unique appearance and behavior so that this variety won't let the player get bored from the routine activity. 

By upgrading your fishing equipment, you enlarge the arsenal of baits. Over time, you can purchase bombs to chase away troublesome fish and rockets to drop the bait further. Later, you will even get the possibility to buy a boat which is vitally needed to catch massive and exclusive fish. Find some new information about each species in the fish catalog compiled for player’s fun. With numerous upgrades, your cat becomes the king of fishing. 

While the cat is upgrading, you are merely enjoying the game. Sometimes you can turn the whole playing into a challenging mission, and sometimes it’s a total meditation. You are the one to choose how tense Cat Goes Fishing is going to be. Cat Goes Fishing Graphic

Cat Goes Fishing Graphics: hello from the 1990s

Cat Goes Fishing represents attractive yet straightforward graphics. Not focusing on the high resolution, the game requires only 30 MB of free space on your drive. The schematic 2D visual appearance doesn’t take away game points but endows it with the unique atmosphere. This is how the best indie games should look like. 

Minimalistic size of the game doesn’t mean you can’t get the pleasure of its attractiveness. Some aspects like environment and store items look unexpectedly realistic. The same is the pond full of fish. That’s the real eye-candy and pleasure for the users to behold it. 
Game graphics brings us genuine pleasure and somehow is saying to us hello from the 1990s. 

Cat Goes Fishing Controls: Easy- to-manage fishing process

Regarding the controls, Cat Goes Fishing is simple to the core. So you can play the game with pleasure both on the desktop and mobile versions. The mechanics replay the real fishing process: you need to drag the bait into the water with your rod, then hold to drag it out (probably with the fish on it). Every action can be performed by tapping. The same goes for selling fish and buying upgrades in the store.
You can play Cat Goes Fishing on Windows PC or Android device. Though the controls differ for the PC and touchscreen version, you will get the same joy of playing on both of them. 

Cat Goes Fishing gameplay

Cat Goes Fishing FAQ

1. Can I download Cat Goes Fishing for 3ds?
Sorry, no. The game is only available for Windows and Android. 
2. Can I play it on Mac?
There is no Mac version of Cat Goes Fishing nowadays. But we hope, it will soon appear to the joy of Mac users. 
3. Is there an online version of Car Goes Fishing?
No, there isn’t. Probably you have found online games with the same name, but they are not related to the original game.
4. Will my PC or Android device run it?
Of course! Cat Goes Fishing has low system requirements and available precisely for Windows PC and Android devices. 

How to succeed fast at Cat Goes Fishing?

  1. You will find out that small fish is easy to catch, but it doesn’t let you earn a lot. So it is ok only for the start of the game. Proceed to big fish catching, if you want to succeed.

  2. Buy a Bait Guard not to let small fish eat your bait. This bait is so large that only fish can swallow it.

  3. Buy a boat as soon as possible. It is a worthy investment and the boost of gaming experience.

  4. To fully enjoy the game, try to relax and meditate.

  5. The game updates are regularly released, so don’t miss them as they can bring you even more fun. 



Cat Goes Fishing is the game with 1990’s spirit, simple mechanics, and eye-candy graphics. Moreover, it lets you enter into a state of meditation, so this indie title is really worth players’ attention. 


  • We all expect to see the game on new game platforms, for example, Mac
  • Haven't free online version without download


  • Addictive gameplay
  • Lots of fun content and features
  • The main character is cute and funny
  • Mechanics that is easy to understand and remember