Cat Goes Fishing Exclusive Merch

While many of you are already addicted fans of Cat Goes Fishing, our team wants to take care of your peace of mind. 

We are two hundred percent sure that you feel devastated when a day without virtual fishing happens. In such days, all your thoughts are directed on the calm seashore with the Cat sitting by it, holding the rod in its paws, and getting some colorful fish out of the water. The only dream is to get there faster.  

But there’s a little problem. You may be sitting in the office or holding an important meeting. You can as well be attending guests, and that is not very polite to get away from the table and leave your guests perplexed. 

So you need some kind of salvation in the minutes when you are immensely missing the Cat and its fishing. And we’ve found a perfect solution. We prepared a set of unique Cat Goes Fishing merch for you.

These are the cups, bags, T-shirts, long sleeves, and notebooks with the best screenshots from Cat Goes Fishing. Many other items can also be decorated with the game prints. The only limit in selecting a surface for the Cat Goes Fishing print is your fantasy. 

So you have an important meeting and want to show the world your attitude to the Cat Goes Fishing game? Then show it! Take on your T-shirt for a summer season or long sleeve in the winter time and prove you are the real Cat Goes Fishing fan!

Sitting in the office and dreaming of the evening when you will be able to play? Calm down and put your thoughts in order. Write all the essential plans and ideas in your Cat Goes Fishing notebook. The game ideas can also be brought in this notebook - of course, only the important things deserve notations. 

Going for a walk? Take all the needed in the Cat Goes Fishing bag and have some fresh ideas during the walk. Good gaming concepts may also come in your head. 

Attending guests and have no opportunity to dive headlong into gaming? Make a tea in the Cat Goes Fishing cup (any drink is much tastier in it, we’ve tested). While drinking from the Cat Goes Fishing cup, maintain a small talk and think in details about your gaming strategy. When guests leave, you will show your best at the virtual fishing.  

So dear Cat Goes Fishing, are you ready for some exclusive game merch? Select any of the variants available or offer your own - we are prepared to implement your craziest ideas.

Now you can get acquainted with the price for our exclusive Cat Goes Fishing merch:

  • Get your Cat Goes Fishing T-shirt only for $25.99.
  • Get your Cat Goes Fishing long sleeve only for $35.99.
  • Get your Cat Goes Fishing bag only for $15.99.
  • Get your Cat Goes Fishing cup only for $12.99.
  • Get your Cat Goes Fishing notebook only for $7.99.
  • Offer your own Cat Goes Fishing item idea - let’s discuss the price via email.


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